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Darwin’s Theory:

It’s OK as far as it goes but perhaps it should be limited to species and not proclaim species evolve from other species (speeshies…not spee sees, pleeeease).

Who ever heard of a push bike evolving into a car; into a motorbike maybe?

Say there is the stuff of life all around us for all kinds of animals just waiting for the right conditions for them to appear.

Each species then can develop as far as it can in the changing environment then eventually dies out when the conditions are no longer right, to be succeeded by the next type of animal which has been waiting in the wings for the right conditions.

Say the Dinosaurs had the right conditions again, then they would be seen again. Perhaps they died out because the earth’s gravity increased due to it’s move away from the sun or a speeding up of it’s rotation, maybe caused by the impact of this meteor they all keep on about that caused all the dust and so on. Other dinosaur age animals survived and evolved we are told, so where is the logic otherwise?

If the evolution theory was perfectly correct then we would see half men half gorilla surely. (that’s a joke, I think) or at least all the chimps or gorillas would have changed into men by now. (I stick to the old rule that ‘men’ in this context refers to women as well, not as many people tend to think that it is being male chauvinistic. Some people have too much time on their hands and just get too sensitive about things they know nothing.

Please tell me our ancient ancestors had the same intelligence as us, just not the science and engineering at that time. We should not keep listening to those who insist they where dumb animals just because they apparently had no language or at least no written language. Things did not just start to develop in the Victorian times (so to speak).


Let’s get this straight:

A scientist finds out about things and discovers the mathematical laws for nature.

An engineer uses those laws and creates machines and structures. He does not do repairs.

A mechanic repairs and services those machines (cars etc) to a strict method, as long as he has the tools and spare parts.

A technician sets up your tea machine, putting in new consumables, or changes the print machine consumables etc.

An operator uses machines to make other machines designed by engineers.

A technician is not an engineer, but an engineer can be a scientist and a mechanic.

A scientist is generally not very practical and finds engineering hard or beneath him.


And while we are on the subject of English language above lets do another word or so:

Negotiate is ‘nee go shee ate’ not ‘nee go see ate’. Even footballers and their wives are using this prissy speak, what’s that all about then?


Talking of football. my life would be much simpler if I enjoyed football as all I would want (need) to do would be to ‘open a dozen cans of cheap lager and switch on the telly’. Or is that, ‘switch on the telly and open a dozen cans of cheap lager’? You see, even that has its problems.


Also let’s not forget that reference to another person comes first but the sentence should be reviewed as if the other person was not there. eg

My sister and I went to the ball. Is correct since if we left out ‘my sister’ it would still be correct , i.e I went to the ball.

But if the sentence was ‘ The house belongs to my sister and I’ this would be incorrect as it would read ‘The house belongs to I’ whereas it should read ‘ The house belongs to me’ So the correct full sentence is ‘ The house belongs to my sister and me’ Unless you’re a West Countryman then you can say,’ are you looking for I?’ and get away with it.


The Australians I note from Neighbours, will insist on pronouncing privacy like ‘ Pry vacy’ whereas we all know don’t we that it should be pronounced ‘pri vacy’, strewth that gets my goat, not to mention paa sta instead of pa sta (pasta). I suppose then a Cornish pastie would be a Cornish paa stie.

Also I get fed up with the so called English UK spell checker not knowing many words in common use.


The current trend of influx of South African people to the uk is great as they generally are a very nice bunch of people with a correct work ethic.

It’s a shame it is necessary to escape. (let’s not get on to politics as that’s banned). As for Australians coming here, it can only be good as they may learn to speak properly providing they ignore the current strange talk trend and don’t read current published books on how to pronounce English.


You can see how it’s going, so if you have similar problems please email them to me.


Neil’s added black tie do’s as a thing to dump, a bit like room 101.

And says

Have you noticed how Australians on telly ? always finish sentences? 
with an upward inflection? like asking a question? Why’s that then?


I see in the press a scientists is already claiming there are too 
many people for the planet to sustain. We are getting too good at 
keeping people alive. The dinosaurs had no health professionals and 
so when things went wrong they died.


Talking of health professionals, would it not be better to have more front end people rather than high paid management who only seem to fcuk it all up?