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Some proverbs and haiku for your fun and study:

If a jobís worth doing well, its probably worth doing

The way to a manís heart Ö.. is through his ribs

Men have stag nightsÖ..women have hem parties

Your past is full of the decisions you make now

A natural swordsman always squeezes the tube from the bottom

All I say comes with a health warning. If youíre worried about the truth donít listen.

The noisiest are the least self assured, as much as those who smile at flattery.

Climbing on another manís words is a ladder to an already full boat.

He who uses a torch only sees whatís in the beam.

Wine makes a poor meal and ruins a good one (by a beer drinker)

Look after the future and the present will look after itself.

If you canít stand the heatÖget out of the fire. (Donna, 2005)

When I die don't bury me at all,
Just hang my body on the dojo wall

shiko dachi, yoi,
Hidari Age uke
Migi chudan tsuki
Hidari Chudan uke
Migi chudan tsuki
Hidari Gedan Barai
Migi chudan tsuki Hidari chudan tsuki

I must remember to soak the tatami.
I must remember to soak the tatami
I must remember to soak the tatami
I must remember to soak the tatami
I must remember to soak the
I must remember
I must remember
I must....
Doh !

Hidari Sanchin dachi, hidari chudan uchi uke

Hidari neko ashi dachi, hidari shoto

Hidari kihon dachi, gedan barai

Hidari zenkutsu dachi, age uke

Shiko dachi, migi kaishu, hidari shotei

Hidari kokutsu dachi, migi jodan uraken, hidari gedan barai



Sitting on bamboo

Cross legged at the field

The die is cast


Loose off geta

Undo the last kimono

Sun blinds the eye


Discard your saya

Reflect your last cut

Death awaits


Hands feet and eyes

Perception slowly numbs

A glint on steel


The Autumn leaves cut. A mere diversion,

A feint, like a falling leaf in the forest,

Distracting attention for a moment.....


The clouds of war and despair

Blow over us all

Sometime or another.


Rain off a roof

Makes its own channel

In the hard earth


Offered to Obata sensei on his 60th Birthday


dusk comes with stealth
unseen 'till too late
to those who wasted the day



Given to me by Mie Takahashi:


a strong spirit

like bamboo and oak

feels not the frost


the dawn dew on the leaf

a chill fills the air

the first autumn breeze


Nihongo calligraphy by Mie














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