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   Somerset Budokai  KENBUKAI DOJO

            Hutton Sports Centre, Wednesdays 9am sharp to 11.45 am and Sat 9am to 10.30 am monthly.

Prof Dr Roger Mills Sensei


            Over 18’s only

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For the serious study of

Shitoryu Karate

call East sensei on +44(0)1934 811523 or 07768 886599

             Somerset Budokai comprises:

·         Kenbukai dojo, Fred East 6th Dan BSKA, Shodan Shukokai, Nidan Kenshikan Kenpo Karatedo, Sandan Sankukai    

The other dojo in this group are headed by long term students of Mr East

·          Yatton dojo, Tony Barber 2nd Dan BSKA, 01934 833588. Yatton Village Hall, Yatton. Tuesdays 7.00-9.00 pm

·          Worle dojo, John Davis 2nd Dan BSKA



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British Shitoryu Karate Association

Chief instructor and Chairman Prof Dr R Mills Sensei

Honbu Bracknell, London

Roger Mills Sensei gradually fused the Shitoryu style with the teachings of Nambu Sensei to  produce a unique system which is at once flowing, powerful and fast with full use of all strikes, take downs, joint lock waza, atemi waza, pressure points and includes most of the kata from Shurite, Nahate and Tomarite plus unique ones from Nambu sensei. Also the system includes Nanahon kumite which range from basic punches and defences through take down, joint lock and kaiten waza.  Whilst high athletic kicks are included in the syllabus they do not take prominence as very few are safe to use on the street or of any value when the student reaches that certain age. It is interesting to note that all old kata have only mid level or lower kicks and exclude mawashi geri type. Yoko geri is included in later modified kata, as shown by the difference between Chinto and Gankaku. It is preferred to keep both feet on the ground as much as possible or at least to minimise the time one foot is off the ground. Both feet off the ground shows a dramatic athleticism but once in the air the student is no longer in full control of his body. It must be used carefully.

Roger Mills sensei teaches the use of basic blocks as joint lock or take down and atemi waza. The whole system is taught as thoroughly useable with techniques and combinations having more than one realistic bunkai. Odd bunkai are not made up for kata which may be necessary due to ignorance of the real passed down knowledge. The oral tradition is important in this respect. Nothing can be truly learnt through books or pictures. These can only be used as a guide or to remind one of a concept, say of a kata.



West of England chief instructor Fred East 6th DAN

training and teaching since 1974













Video of part of Nanahon Kumite Sandan (Ippon Kumite Kyudan plus a bit)

Video of part of Nanahon Kumite Yondan


Kata Taught at this dojo:

The Five standard Pinan kata and the five Nambu Pinan kata. The Five Heiwa kata, Ananko Basaidai and Tomare Basai Chinto

Gankaku Hangetsu Jiin Jitte Jion Kosukundai Kosukunsho Kurarunfa Lohai Matsukase Naifanchi (shodan nidan sandan) Nijushiho Niseishi

Ni Pa Po Saifa Sanseru Seipai Shihokosukun Shinsei Sienchin Seyunchin Superimpai Wanshu Tajima Tensho Sanchin

Paiku Pachu Unsu Sochin Shisochin


General Terminology used in BSKA dojo


English                                                           Nihongo

Strikes                                                 Uchi

Back Fist Strike                                     Uraken

Forward Strike to Face                           Uraken Ganmen Uchi

Spleen Strike                                         Uraken Hizo Uchi

Strike to side of Head                             Uraken Yoko Uchi

Jaw Strike                                             Ago Uchi

Knife Hand Strike                                   Shuto Uchi

Strike to Temple                                    Shuto Yoko Ganmen Uchi

Strike to Collar Bone                              Shuto Sakotsu Uchi

Strike to Spleen                                     Shuto Hizo Uchi

Strike to Sternum                                   Shuto Uchi Komi

Roundhouse Strike                                 Mawashi Uchi

Hammer Fist Strike                                Tettsui Uchi

Straight fingers to stomach                     Nukite Chudan

Straight fingers to eyes                           Nukite Nihon

Four Fingered Spearhand                        Yonhon Nukite

Palm Heel Strike                                    Tensho Uchi

Inner Knife Hand Strike                           Haito Uchi

Wrist Strike                                           Koken Uchi

Back Hand Strike                                   Haishu

Spinning Strike                                      Kaiten Uchi

Palm Edge Strike                                   Seriyutoh Uchi

Elbow Strike                                          Empi (Hijiate)

Elbow to Head                                       Empi Jodan

Elbow to Stomach                                  Empi Chudan

Elbow Rising Strike                                Age Empi

Elbow Descending Strike                        Otoshi Empi

Flare Strike                                           Furi Uchi


Kicks                                                    Geri

Groin Kick                                             Kin Geri

Knee Kick                                             Hiza Geri

Front Kick                                             Mae Geri

Snap Kick                                             Keage

Thrust Kick                                            Kekomi

Roundhouse Kick                                   Mawashi Geri

Hook Kick                                             Ura Mawashi Geri

Reverse Roundhouse Kick                      Ushiro Mawashi Geri

Inner Roundhouse Kick                           Gyaku Mawashi Geri

Side Kick                                              Yoko Geri

Side Kick to Knee                                  Hiza Kansetsu Geri

Heel Kick                                              Kakato Geri

Jumping Kick                                         Tobi Geri (yoko, mae, ushiro etc)

Spinning Kick                                        Kaiten Geri

Inner Crescent Kick                                Soto Mikazuki Geri

Outer Crescent Kick                               Uchi Mikazuki Geri

Leading Leg Kick                                   Jun Geri

One Step Kick                                       Surikomi Geri



Stances                                                Dachi

Closed Feet Stance                               Heisoku Dachi

Knot-shaped Stance                               Musubi Dachi

Parallel Stance                                      Heiko Dachi

Natural Stance                                       Shizen Dachi

Natural Stance (Feet Parallel)                 Shizen Dachi Heiko

Wide natural Stance                               Shizen Dachi Dai

Straddle Stance                                     Kiba Dachi

Horse Riding Stance                              Shiko Dachi

Short Forward Stance                             Kihon Dachi

Long Forward Stance                             Zenkutsu Dachi

Long Sideways Stance                           Sokutsu Dachi

Long Back Stance                                 Kokutsu Dachi

Horse Riding Stance (at 45°)                   Fudo Dachi

Diamond Stance                                    Sanchin Dachi

Cat Stance                                            Neko Ashi Dachi

Cross legged Stance                              Kosa Dachi

Crane Stance                                        Sagi Ashi Dachi

Walking Stance                                     Ayumi Dachi

High Straddle Stance                             Nai Fan Chi Dachi

T-Shaped Stance                                   Te Ji Dachi


Action                                                   Kamae-te

Begin                                                    Hajime

Bow                                                      Rei

Bow to Dojo (other students)                   Otaga ni rei

Bow to Instructor                                    Sensei ni rei

Face                                                     Ganmen

Fighting Stance                                     Kamae Dachi

Free Sparring                                         Jiyu Kumite

Groin Area                                             Gedan

Body Area                                             Chudan

Head Area                                             Jodan

Jaw                                                       Ago

Prearranged Forms                                Kata

Kata Application                                    Bunkai

Teacher                                                 Sensei

Senior                                                   Sempai

Karate Practitioner                                 Karateka

Kneel                                                    Seiza

Left                                                       Hidari

Right                                                     Migi

Ready                                                   Yoi

Reverse                                                 Gyaku

Shout                                                    Kiai

Stand                                                    Kiritsu

Stop                                                     Yame

Sweeping                                              Barai

Turn                                                      Mawatte



Punches                                               Tsuki

Middle Punch                                        Chudan Tsuki (Chudan ‘ski)

Upper Punch                                         Jodan Tsuki

Lower Punch                                         Gedan Tsuki

Front Fist Punch                                    Seiken Tsuki

Standing Fist Punch                               Tataken Tsuki

Inverted Fist Punch                                Hiraken Tsuki

Reverse Punch                                      Gyaku Tsuki

Double Punch                                        Morote Tsuki

Single Knuckle Fist                                Ipponken

Middle Knuckle Fist                               Nakadaka Ipponken

Hammer Fist                                         Tettsui (Otoshi=down)

Lunge Punch                                         Oi tsuki

Front Fist Punch                                    Maeken Tsuki

Rising Punch                                         Age Tsuki

Spinning Punch                                     Kaeten Tsuki

Roundhouse Punch                                Mawashi Tsuki

Hook Punch                                          Kagi Tsuki


Blocks                                                 Uke

Head Block                                           Jodan Uke

Outer Middle Block                                Soto Uke

Inner Middle Block                                 Uchi Uke

Lower Block                                          Gedan Uke

Knife Hand Block                                   Shuto Uke

Augmented Block                                  Morote Uke

Inner Knife Hand Block                           Haito Uchi Uke

Palm Heel Block                                    Shotei Uke

Cross Block                                          Juji Uke

Escaping Block                                     Tenshin Uke

Palm Edge Block                                   Seiryutoh Uke

Scooping Block                                     Sukui Uke

Elbow Block                                          Empi Uke

Hook Block (Shurite)                             Kake Uke

Hook and Sweep Block (Nahate)            Kake Te Uke Nagashi

Back Hand Block                                   Haishu Uke

Mountain Shaped Block                          Yama Uke

Forearm Block                                       Ude Uke

Wheel Block                                          Mawashi Uke

Crane Head Block                                  Kakato Uke

Palm Heel Block                                    Tensho Uke

Press Block                                          Osae Uke

Separating Block                                   Kake Wake Uke

Butterfly Block                                       Cho Uke



 Osu is a contraction of the words:

  Oshi  meaning "Push", and

  Shinobu  meaning "to Endure".

 patience, determination and perseverance

A block is a strike is a block is a lock is a grip is a strangle….















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